Shape and Shade HiTech is an Engineering and Information Technology company whose interest span from software and hardware development ranging from conventional day to day use to industrial machines and controls.

Our services includes

Website and database development trainings which span wide across all programming and simple tools for those interested in the opportunity available.

We believe in the open source technology which we recommend because it gives you control and which will be a base for country development. You share in the wealth of ideas and source codes, that is you are not starting from the very ground.

We train and also execute project on the design, analysis and fabrication of machinery ranging from simple to complex industrial systems.

Automation and robotics is another area of interest and presently we teaches computer numerical control system programming and simulation and also included are other industrial programming such as Programmable Logic controller, Distributed Control System, Programmable Automation control systems and the likes.

We believe in empowerment of youth and making available wide range of opportunitiesof which they can be involved in ranging from Website site design, Social media Advertisement, CCTV installation and maintenance, Access Control installations and maintenance, Home Automation system and Technology, Electrical Services, mechanical and plumbing services for designers and installer, System Maintenance and Networking and more. We introduce you to simulator tools and practical skills in a wide range of technology and make hands on software available to you.